Native American Style Drums —
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There are two dimensions to consider when choosing your Drum. There are the simple physical characteristics that appeal to you, and there are also the spiritual qualities of each type of drum.

Physical Characteristics


We make drums out of cedar, cedar octagon, oak willow and maple. Cedar is the traditional wood used in the west, and carries a special medicine. For example, cedar is used for smudging, cedar boughs are used in the Sundance arbor, and medicinal teas are made from the bark. Our cedar rims are made in Oregon.

Our maple rims are made in New Hampshire. Our Willow Oak rims are deeper (3 1/2" as opposed to 2 1/2") which produces a deeper resonance.


Deer hide resonates with the heart — a higher vibration than elk, which resonates in the gut. The elk is by far the most popular as it withstands more humid climates and retains its voice longer than deer. The thicker horse hide is hardier than elk and keeps its voice even longer. Moose and buffalo drums hold the voice the longest, and are often used in the sweatlodge — a humid environment to say the least.

Spiritual Qualities

The Cedar Tree

Most of our drums are constructed on a foundation of hand- wrapped yellow or Port Orford Cedar rims.  Our rim makers harvest their own wood, striving to take only trees that are dead from natural causes, and doing so with reverence and respect.

The Cedar tree is a powerful healing tree, and the flutes and drums constructed from the Cedar carry a superior resonance and healing energy.  The Natives of the Northwest smudge with Cedar, use Cedar tea for healing and carved their totems and canoes from this sacred wood.  Many songs were written about the healing energies of Cedar, and when a tree was taken, all parts of it are used for the healing and survival of the People.

The Deer

Many of us are taught to figure life out, and live in our heads with little attention to our hearts.  Deer teaches us to trust and to empower the feminine quality of love and wisdom. Deer helps us live by the heart -- when we feel unloved, it is time to love others and feel that love returned manifold.


The Elk

Elk medicine gives us stamina and endurance .   As we go through our fears, we expand ourselves and add more trust to our circle.   Trust is the lubricant that helps us take the "leap of faith" that leads us to unity with Spirit, and to a reclaiming of our original grace. Elk is powerful medicine for healing child abuse and addictive patterns.  The Elk is a communal animal, hanging out with members of the same sex except during mating season.

The Horse

Horse is pure energy -- Like lightning, it can transport us quickly through the cracks and crevices to the Other Side. 


 The Buffalo

When we seek wisdom and guidance from the Ancient Ones, the Ancestors that came before us, drumming the Buffalo opens that door.  Buffalo is associated with Wisdom and Abundance.                                            




The Moose

Drumming with Moose is empowering the Feminine energies, as the Moose hangs out near the water and can stay under water for up to a minute while eating from the bottom of ponds and lakes.  The Moose reminds us to go into feelings and take the nourishment available in emotional honesty. The Moose is also associated with self- esteem, learning how to get our nourishment from the inside, and spontaineity, trusting our instincts to act in the moment rather than controlling future decisions through planning the results.                                      

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