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Cedar Mountain Native American Style Drums

Made in Spirit,
Made to be Played

Expertly crafted Native American Style hoop drums, made by Cedar Mountain Drums, long respected for the quality of their drums and the respect given to the spirit of creating a drum. Whether your aim is to pow wow or perform ceremony, or are purely musical, or you are interested in the phenomena of drumming circles, our drums will serve your needs well. These hoop drums are made to be played.

Our goal is to create hand drums with beautiful voices that maintain their voice through rugged use. In addition, each drum is constructed with love, respect, prayer and proper ceremony.

Native American hoop drums

Our hoop drums are available in 13", 15" and 17" sizes, in cedar, maple, willow oak and cedar octagon. Hides available are elk, kip (heifer cowhide), horse, moose and buffalo.

For more information on choosing the right kind of hoop drum, see:

Choosing Your Drum.

Pricing and Ordering

Testimonial: "I spent a good deal of time at the Cedar Mountain Drum store, and beat on a number of these hoop drums. Each one sounded as sweet as the next, and this was in rainy, humid Portland, so I know these drums are made right." — Barry Carter

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