Beadwork / Quillwork by Hilde Barnes

See this fine beaded quillwork, edged in sweetgrass


Due to a full season of commitments,
Hilde regrets that she will not be able to
process new orders till October.

Belgium-born Hilde Barnes, living at Akwasasne Reserve with her husband, A Wolf Clan Mohawk, and their children, has been working quills and beadwork for much of the 21 years she has lived on the Reserve.

The art of Porcupine Quill work is tedious, and often painful. Porcupine quills and sweetgrass, along with trade beads, have become her trademark, blending the spirituality of the plant world, animal world, and humankind. She is happy to have found this way to honor her family's culture, while producing beautiful adornments valued by others.

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