Bacon's Rebellion

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Jeffreys owed his advancement as colonel and commander of
the land forces to these connections. He was accompanied
to Virginia by his son, John Jeffreys, as ensign in one of the
companies. His commission as governor was dated Novem-
ber 11, 1676, and he succeeded Berkeley on the latter’s de-
parture in April, 1677. He died December 17, 1678.

     Francis Moryson served as major in the royal army dur-
ing the Civil War, and came to Virginia in 1649. He was
speaker of the House of Burgesses, 1655-1656, and on July 10,
1661, was chosen by governor and council to take Berkeley’s
place on the latter’s departure for England. This position as
acting governor he held until Berkeley’s return in November,
1662. During the following year he was commander of the
fort at Point Comfort, after which he was granted leave of
absence for three years. With Thomas Ludwell and Major-
General Robert Smith he was sent to England to secure the
repeal of the grant to Arlington and Culpeper, and to obtain
a charter for the colony. He returned to Virginia as one of
the commissioners in January, 1677, but left the colony per-
manently in July of the same year. He was a grandson of
Thomas Moryson, of Tooley Park, Leicestershire, and a nephew
of Fynes Moryson, the traveller. His father, Sir Richard
Moryson, had a long and honorable career in Ireland.

     Instructions to the commissioners were issued October 3
and repeated November 11, but the business of gathering and
victualling the troops and of providing for their transporta-
tion to Virginia was long delayed.

      The fleet consisted of three ships of war, the Bristol, Ross,
and Dartmouth, and eight hired merchantmen, carrying alto-
gether more than eleven hundred officers and men, chiefly
land forces. Sir John Berry and Francis Moryson finally got
away with the Bristol on November 24, the Dartmouth and the
merchant ships followed on Sunday, December 8, and the
Rose, delayed by running aground and damaging her rudder,

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