Bacon's Rebellion

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on April 20, with Captain Larrimore in the Rebecca, and after
a disagreeable voyage, which undoubtedly had a disastrous
effect on the condition of his health, reached England, where
he died in August of the same year. The animosity which
Berkeley felt for the commissioners was shared by his friends,
Philip Ludwell, Hill, Beverley, and Hartwell, all of whom were
more or less the objects of attack in the local complaints.
Notwithstanding a manifest desire of the commissioners to
be fair, their letters and reports reveal their dislike of these
men and their conviction that all of them were either respon-
sible for the revolt or had taken advantage of its failure to
wreak a harsh vengeance on members of the defeated party.

      The final report of the commissioners was drawn up in
England after the return of Berry and Moryson, in July, and
was presented to the Privy Council in October. Two copies
of this report exist, one among the Colonial Office Papers in the
Public Record office, C. O. class 5: 1371, and the other in the
Pepysian Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge, among
the manuacripts of Samuel Pepys, who as seeretary to the
Board of Admiralty had much to do with the despatch of the
expedition. Both are in the handwriting of the secretary of
the commission, Samuel Wiseman. The volumes in which
these copies are to be found contain, in addition, large numbers
of copies of letters and papers written or received by the com-
missioners, and therefore constitute a kind of entry book of
business done. Though in arrangement and content these
two volumes differ somewhat, the most important item, “A
Narrative of the Rise, Progress, and Cessation of the late
Rebellion in Virginia, by His Majesty’s Commissioners,” is
the same in both. This narrative has been printed in the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, IV. 119-154,
from a copy of the version in the Public Record Office. This
printed text has been at certain points compared with the
copy in the Pepysian Library for the purpose of this work.

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