Bacon's Rebellion

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                     LION IN VIRGINIA, BY THE ROYAL COM –
                     MISSIONERS, 1677

A True Narrative of the Rise, Progresse, and Cessation of the
       Late Rebellion in Virginia, Most Humbly and Impartially
       Reported by his Majestyea Commissioners Appointed to
       Enquire into the Affaires of the Said Colony.

        In all due observance of his Most Sacred Majesties com-
mands, wee have imployed our best endeavours to informe
ourselves (for his Royal Satisffaction) by the most knowing,
credible and indifferent Persons in Virginia of the true state of
affairs in that his Majestyes Colony, and of such other
matters as occasioned the late unhappy Divisions, Distrac-
tions and Disorders among the People there; which as farr as
wee can possibly collect from a strict Inquiry, observation,
examination and the most probable impartial Reports by us
made and received during our stay upon the Place, seems to
take its original Rise, as followeth, vizt:

      Few or none had bin the Damages sustained by the En-
glish from the Indians, other than occasionally had happen’d
sometimes upon private quarells and provocations, untill in
July, 1675, certain Doegs and Susquahanok Indians on Mary-
land side, stealing some Hoggs from the English at Potomake
on the Virginia shore (as the River divides the same), were
pursued by the English in a Boate, beaten or kill’d and the
hoggs retaken from them; whereupon the Indians repairing
to their owne Towne, report it to their Superiors, and how that
one Mathewes (whose hoggs they had taken) had before abused
and cheated them, in not paying them for such Indian trucke
as he had formerly bought of them, and that they took his
hogs for Satisfaction. Upon this (to be Reveng’d on Mathews)
a warr Captain with some Indians came over to Potomake


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