Bacon's Rebellion

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and killed two of Mathewes his servants, and came also a
second time and kill’d his sonne.

      It happen’d hereupon that Major George Brent and Col.
George Mason pursued some of the same Indians into Mary-
land, and marching directly up to the Indian Towne with a
Party of380 Virginians came to a certaine House and there
killed an Indian King and 10 of his men upon the place; the rest of the Indians fled for their lives. On this occasion the
Governor of Maryland writes a Letter to Sir Wm. Berkeley,
complayning of this rash action and intrusion of the Virginians
on his Province without his leave or knowledge, the Indians
and them being at that time in Peace. By what authority
Brent and Mason went over into Maryland and kill’d those
Indians is an Article of Inquiry in the Rappahanock Griev-
ances and the supposed originall cause of the many murders
that ensued in that county as themselves complaine.

      The Indians persisting to Revenge themselves Inforted1
in Maryland and now began to be bold and formidable to the
English who Besieged them; their Boldness and daring be-
havior of late tymes and their promptnesse to Fire arms,
being (indeed) wonderfull, over what they seem’d formerly
indued with, which doubtlesse was of some advantage extraor-
dinary to them considering their Small Body, the Virginians
and Marylanders that Besieged them being said to make a
neer a thousand men. The siege held 7 weekes, during which
tyme the English lost 50 men, besides some Horses which t
the Indians tooke, and serv’d themselves to subsist on. But
Provisions growing very scarce with them during this siege
the Indians sent out 5 greate men to Treate of Peace, who were
not Permitted to return to the Fort, but being kept Prisoners
Some tyme were at last murdered by the English.

       At length (whether through negligence or cowardize) the
Indians made theire escape through the English, with all
their wives, children and goods of value, wounding and kill-
ing some at their sally and going off. After which the English
returning (as Report Saith), the Marylanders composed a
Peace with the Salvages, and soe diverted the warr from them-

       As yet the General Peace and Government of Virginia

1 Built themselves a fort.

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