Bacon's Rebellion

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and precipitated them upon that rash overture of Running
out upon the Indians themselves, at their owne voluntary
charge and hazard of their Lives and Fortunes, onely they first
by Petition humbly craved leave or comission to be ledd by
any comander or comanders as the Governor should please to
appoint over them to be their Chieftaine or Generall. But
instead of Granting this Petition the Governor by Proelama-
tion under great Penalty forbad the like Petitioning for the

      This made the People jealous that the Governor for the
lucre of the Beaver and otter trade etc. with the Indians,
rather sought to protect the Indians than them, Since after
publick Proclamation prohibiting all trade with the Indians
(they complaine) hee privately gave comission to some of his
Friendes to truck with them, and that those persons furnished
the Indians with Powder, Shott etc. soe that they were better
provided than his Majestye’s Subjects.

      The People of Charles City County (neer Merchants Hope)
being denyed a Commission by the Governor although he was
truly informed (as by a Letter of his to his Ma’tie he confess-
eth) of Several formidable Bodies of Indians coming downe
on the heads of James River within 50 or 60 miles of the En-
glish Plantations, and knew not where the Storme would light,
they begin to beat up drums for Volunteers to goe out against
the Indians and soo continued Sundry dayes drawing into
armes, the Magistrates being either soe remise or of the Same
faction, that they suffered this disaster without contradiction
or endeavouring to prevent soe dangerous a begining and
going on.

      The Rout being got together now wanted nor waited for
nothing but one to head and lead them out on their design.
It soe happen’d that one Nathaniel Bacon Junr, a person whose
lost and desperate fortunes1 had thrown him into that remote
part of the world about 14 months before, and fram’d him fitt
for such a purpose, as by the Sequel will appeare, which may
make a short character of him no impertinent Digression.

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