Bacon's Rebellion

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Hee was a person whose erratique fortune had carryed and
shewne him many Forraigne Parts, and of no obscure Family.
Upon his first comming into Virginia hee was made one of the
Councill, the reason of that advancement (all on a suddain)
being best known to the Governour, which honor made him
the more considerable in the eye of the Vulgar, and gave some
advantage to his pernicious designes. Hee was said to be
about four or five and thirty yeares of age, indifferent tall but
slender, blackhair’d and of an ominous, pensive, melancholly
Aspect, of a pestilent and prevalent Logical discourse tending
to atheisme in most companyes, not given to much talke, or
to make suddain replyes, of a most imperious and dangerous
hidden Pride of heart, despising the wisest of his neighbours
for their Ignorance, and very ambitious and arrogant. But all
these things lay hidd in him till after hee was a councillor, and
untill he became powerfull and popular.

      Now this man being in Company with one Crews,1 Isham2
and Bird,3 who growing to a highth of Drinking and making
the Sadnesse of the times their discourse, and the Fear they
all lived in, because of the Susquahanocks who had settled a
little above the Falls of James River, and comitted many
murders upon them, among whom Bacon’s overseer happen’d
to be one, Crews and the rest persuaded Mr. Bacon to goe
over and see the Soldiers on the other Side James river4 and

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