Bacon's Rebellion

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to take a quantity of Rum with them to give the men to drinke,
which they did, and (as Crews etc. had before laid the Plot
with the Soldiers) they all at once in field shouted and cry’d
out, a Bacon! a Bacon! a Bacon! w’ch taking Fire with his
ambition and Spirit of Faction and Popularity, easily pre-
vail’d on him to Resolve to head them, His Friends endeav-
ouring to fix him the Faster to his Resolves by telling him
that they would also goe along with him to take Revenge
upon the Indians, and drink Damnation to their Soules to
be true to him, and if hee could not obtain a Comission they
would assist him as well and as much as if he had one; to which
Bacon agreed.

     This Forwardnesse of Bacons greatly cheer’d and animated
the People, who looked upon him as the onely Patron of the
Country and preserver of their Lives and Fortunes.

      For he pretended and bosted what great Service hee would
doe for the country, in destroying the Comon Enemy, securing
their Lives and Estates, Libertyes, and such like fair frauds
hee subtily and Secretly insinuated by his owne Instruments
over all the country, which he seduced the Vulgar and most
ignorant People to believe (two thirds of each county being
of that Sort) Soe that theire whole hearts and hopes were set
now upon Bacon. Next he charges the Governour as negligent
and wicked, treacherous and incapable, the Lawes and Taxes
as unjust and oppressive and cryes up absolute necessity of

      Thus Bacon encouraged the Tumult and as the unquiet
crowd follow and adhere to him, he listeth them as they come
in upon a large paper, writing their name circular wise, that
their Ring-Leaders might not be found out.

      Having conjur’d them into this circle, given them Brandy
to wind up the charme, and enjoyn’d them by an oth to stick
fast together and to him, and the othe being administered, he
went and infected New Kent County ripe for Rebellion.

      Bacon having gott about 300 men together in armes pre-
pared to goe out against the Indians, the Governour and his
Friends endeavour to divert his designes, but cannot.

the mouth of the Appomattox. When Bacon accepted the leadership of this
band he took the first important step in the rebellion. This event oecurred in
April, 1676.

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