Bacon's Rebellion

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Hee Proclames Bacon and his Followers Rebells and Muti-
neers for going forth against the Indians without a Commis-
eion, and (getting a company of Gentlemen together) the
Governor marcheth up to the Falls of James River to pursue
and take Bacon, or to Seize him at his Returne; but all in
vaine, For Bacon had gott over the River with his Forces and
hastning away into the woods, went directly and fell upon the
Indians and killed some of them who were our best Friends of
Indians and had fought ag’t the Susquahanocks enemyes to
the English.

       The Governour having issued forth a Proclamation import-
ing noe commerce with the reputed Indian Enemyes, Besides
the cloggs and conditions w’ch were put on the Garrisons
placed or to be Placed in the new erected Forts, enjoyning
them not to make any attempt upon the Indians untill they
should first give the Governor an account thereof, and receive
orders from him therein, Put many to a stand, made the Peo-
ple expostulate and say how shall wee know our enemyes from
our Friends, are not the Indians all of a colour, and if wee must
not defend ourselves before they oppose us, they may take
their usual advantage of surprize, and soe destroy us ere wee
are capable of making any resistanee; Soe that after all that
c harge in erecting of Forts, after all the Troubles of the Con-
gresse1 of our forces, after all their toyle and diligence used
in discovering the enemy (who are seldome to bee dealt with
but in their owne way of surprize) the very point of Execution
was to be determined of by a person residing in all likelihood
at least a 100 miles distant from the Place of action, to the
losse of opportunityes and utter discouragement of the sol-
diers and ourselves. Besides of what Security were these
Forts like to be, when the Indians cutt offand destroy’d divers
people within a small distance of the Forts and some of the
very Soldiers in them, and they not daring to stir out to re-
lieve any that were in danger and distresse, themselves being
scarce secure upon the Place they were Posted on. Nor would
the people understand any distinction of Friendly Indians and
Indian Enemyes, for at that tyme it was impossible to dis-
tinguish one nation from another, they being deformed with
Paint of many colors, and at best (say they) who is hee that

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