Bacon's Rebellion

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Rebell that ever was in Virginia,” who (with a dejected look)
made noe Reply, till after a short pause the Governour ask’d
Bacon these words: “Sir, doe you continue to be a Gentleman,
and may I take your word? if soe you are at Liberty upon
your owne parrol.”

      Bacon feignes a most deep sense of shame and sorrow for
his Guilt, and expresses the greatest kind of obligacion to
Gratitude towards the Governour imaginable. And to make it
looke the more reall and sincere drew up an humble Submis-
sion for and acknowledgem’t of his soe late crimes and dis-
obedience, imploring thereby the Governor’s Pardon and Favor,
which Bacon being in readynesse to Present on his coming
before the Governor hee told the Councill then Sitting, “Now
you shall see a Penitent Sinner.”

      Whereupon Bacon in very humble manner and with many
low bowings of his Body approacht the Governor and on his
knee gave up his Parasiticall Paper into the Governor’s hands,
and soe withdrew himself.

      After a short while hee was sent for in againe and had his
pardon confirmed to him, Is restor’d into favor and readmitted
into the councell, to the wonder of all men.

      Now Capt. Gardner instead of a Reward for the Service
hee performed in taking and bringing away Bacon Prisoner
was suffered to be fined 70 lb. damage for seizing him and the
Sloope, although Capt. Gardner had discharged himself of her,
the sd sloope being afterwards by a storme drove on shore and

      However soe powerfull (it seems) was Baeon’s interest in
this new assembly that he procured a Public order to passe
ag’t Gardner for the payment of the 70 lb. where upon he threw
Gardner into goale till he found Security for his Enlargement.
But when they understand that the Governor had not onely
sett him free, but readmitted him into the Councill, with
Promise also of a commission to be given him to goe out against
the Indians, the People were so well pacified for the present
as that every man with great gladnesse return’d to his owne

     *It is a wonder Sir Wm. Berkeley (being then in Towne) did not protect or
preserve a Person he had imploy’d in so signal a Service. (Marginal note in


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