Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]          NARRATIVE OF THE COMMISSIONERS        119

to doe the like, which having freely comply’d with Hee drew
up an oath of Fidelity to himselfe, which hee (as their head and
Generall) required them to take; it comprehended the follow-
ing contents or heads:

      That they should not conceale any Plot or conspiracy of
hurt against his Person, but immediately reveale the same to
him or such others by whome he might come to the knowledge
of it.

      That if any harme or damage was intended towards any
of his men, whether by surprizal or otherwise, or any confer-
ence used, or councell kept about the Same, to discover it.

     That noe commerce or correspondence should be had with
the Heathen, and if any knowne, to discover it.

      That no news or information should be sent out least him-
self or army by such intelligence should be endanger’d either
in Repute or otherwise.

      All Councells, Plotts and conspiracyes known of the
Heathen, to discover them, etc.

      Just now (even on the very night before their going out on
the intended march ag’t the Indians) a messenger comes Post
from Gloster Countyes bringing Intelligence to Bacon, that the
Governor was there endeavouring to raise Forces to come and
surprize him and his men and that hee was resolved by Force
to take his extorted commission away from him, For that
the whole county had Petitioned ag’t him as a Rebell and a
Traytor etc.

      This amusing1 message was noe sooner brought to Bacon,
but immediately he causes the Drums to Beat and Trumpett
to Sound for calling his men together to whome he spake after
this manner:

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