Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]          NARRATIVE OF THE COMMISSIONERS         127

returns. Which resolve I have taken therefore desire none but those
which will so freely adventure, the other to Returne in, and for the
better knowledge of them I will separate my campe some distance
from them bound home.

     Which done, and the next morning by an hour and half of
the sun, the one marching on towards the Plantation, and the
other on the Indian designe. They were not three hours sepe-
rated before the Rebell Bacon falls upon the Pamunkey In-
dians, who lay incamped beyond a small branch of a swamp or
Run of water, having a swamp on the right hand, and a small
swamp or run on the left of them, betweene which was a fine
piece of champion1 land, but full of thickett, small oke, sap-
lings, chinkapin Bushes and Grape vines, which the Indians
made their covert. As the onsett was given they did not at all
oppose, but fled, being followed by Bacon and his Forces killing
and taking them Prisoners, and looking for the Plunder of the
Field which was Indian matts, Basketts, matchcotes, parcells
of wampampeag and Roanoke (w’ch is their money) in Baggs,
skins, Furrs, Pieces of Lynnen, Broad cloth, and divers sorts
of English goode (w’ch the Queene had much value for),* 45
captives which upon sound of Trumpett was brought together
and delivered in by order of Bacon; the Plunder and captives
estimated noe lesse worth than 6 or 700, the Goodes being 3
horse loades.

      The good Queen of Pamunky during this attaque to save
her Life betooke herselfe to flight with onely one little Indian
Boy of about 10 yeares old along with her, and when she was
once coming back with designe to throw herself upon the
mercy of the English, Shee happened to meet with a deade
Indian woman lying in the way being one of her own nation;
which struck such terror in the Queene that fearing their
cruelty by that gastly example shee went on her first intended
way into wild woodes where shee was lost and missing from
her owne People fourteen dayes, all that tyme being Sustained
alive onely by gnawing sometimes upon the legg of a terrapin,

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