Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]        NARRATIVE OF THE COMMISSIONERS        135

the Towne without losse of a man, and that one of their Lives
was of more value to him than the whole world.

      Having planted his great Guns, hee takes the wives and
female Relations of such Gentlemen as were in the Governor’s
Service against him (whome hee had caused to be brought to
the workes) and Places them in the Face of his Enemy, as
Bulworkes for their Battery, by which Policy hee promised
himself (and doubtlesse had) a goode advantage, yet had the
Governors party by much the odds in number besides the ad-
vantage of tyme and Place.

      But soe great was the Cowardize and Basenesse of the Gen-
erality of Sir William Berkeley’s Party (being most of them
men intent onely upon plunder or compell’d and hired into his
service) that of all, at last there were onely some 20 Gentlemen
willing to stand by him, the rest (whome the hopes or promise
of Plunder brought thither) being now all in hast to be gone
to secure what they had gott; soe that Sir Wm. Berkeley him-
selfe who undoubtedly would rather have dyed on the place
than thus deserted it, what with importunate and resistlesse
Solicitations of all, was at last over persuaded, nay hurryed
away against his owne Will to Accomack and forced to leave
the Towne to the mercy of the enemy.

      Soe fearfull of Discovery they are, that for secrecy they
imbarque and weigh anchor in the night and silently fall downe
the River, thus flying from the Face of an enemy that during
this siege (which lasted one whole weeke) lay exposed to much
more hardships, want and inaccommodation than themselves,
besides the fatigue of a long march at their first coming to
Towne, for this very service was supposed to be the Death of
Bacon, who by lying in a wett Season in his Trenches before
Towne contracted the Disease whereof hee not long after

       Bacon haveing early Intelligence of the Governor and his
Party’s Quitting the Towne the night before, enters it without
any opposition, and soldier like considering of what impor-
tance a Place of that Refuge was, and might againe bee to the
Governor and his Party, instantly resolves to lay it level with
the ground, and the same night he became poses’d of it, sett
Fire to Towne, church and state house (wherein were the
Countryes Records which Drummond had privately convey’d

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