Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]            NARRATIVE OF THE COMMISSIONERS             137

raised in Accomack, did invade the country with acts of hostility,
with all intentions to persecute the said Army with these aforsaid
reasons, as also having betray’d his Trust to the king by flying from
his seate of Judicature, and acting wholly contrary to his comis-
sion, We protest against him unanimously as a Traytor and most
pernitious Enemy to the Publick, and further we sweare that in all
places of his Majestyes Colony of Virginia wee will oppose and prose-
cute him with all our Endeavours by all acts of hostility as occasion
shall present, and further whereas Plotting and wishing in his heart
a totall Ruine and Destruction of this Poore colony he hath Endeav-
oured to set the heart of our Soveraigne against us by false Informa-
tion and Lyes, requesting Forces of his Majestie wherewith to com-
pell and subdue us, hindering, intercepting and preventing all our
Remonstrances for Peace, which might have gone home in our Justification, as also hindering of our sending home of agents in the
Peoples behalf which was the most humble and earnest request of
the People at first, We doe further declare and sweare that wee
think it absolutely consisting with our allegiance and Loyalty to
treat with and discourse with the said Forces and commissioners
with all submission to his Majesty. But otherwise if it shall soe
prove that notwithstanding all intreaties and offers wee shall make,
they shall offer to land by Force, in our owne Defense to fly
together as in a common calamity and jointly with the present army now under the command of General Bacon, to stand or fall in the Defense
of him and the country in soe just a cause, and in all places to oppose
their Proceedings (onely untill such time as his Majesty by our
agents shall fully understand the miserable case of the country, and
the Justice of our Proceedings) Which most just request if they shall
refuse and by force endeavour to enter the country, wee are resolv’d
to uphold the country as long as we can and never to absent and
joyne with any such army whatever, and lastly in case of utmost extremity rather than submit to any soe miserable a slavery (when
none can longer defend ourselves, our lives and Liberties) to acquit
the colony rather than submitt to soe unheard of Injustice, and this
wee all sweare in the presence of Almighty God as unfeignedly and
freely as ever wee desire of him for happiness to come.

By the General.

     The Governor and his Forces being gone Bacon orders the
shore to be Guarded all along to observe their motions, and as
they moved to follow them and prevent them from landing, or
having any provisions sent on board them.

      Bacon now begins to show a more mercelesse severity and

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