Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]        NARRATIVE OF THE COMMISSIONERS        139

     2. Another committee to be always with the Army, to in-
quire into the cause of all seisures, and to give orders for doing
the same, and to regulate the rudenesse, disorder, spoile and
waste of the soldiers, as they had formerly comitted.

      3. And another committee to be appointed onely for the
management and proceding for the Indian warr and giving
Dispatches for affairs relating to it.

      But before he could arrive to the Perfection of his designes
(w’ch none but the eye of omniscience could Penetrate) Provi-
dence did that which noe other hand durst (or at least did)
doe and cut him off.

      Hee lay sick at one Mr. Pates in Gloster County of the
Bloody Flux, and (as Mr. Pate himself affirms) accompanyed
with a Lousey Disease; so that the swarmes of Vermyn that
bred in his Body he could not destroy but by throwing his
shirts into the Fire as often as he shifted himself.

      Hee dyed much dissatisfied in minde inquiring ever and
anon after the arrival of the Friggats and Forces from
England,1 and asking if his Guards were strong about the

      After Bacon’s Death one Joseph Ingram a stranger in Vir-
ginia and came over but the year before this Rebellion, under
whose conduct the Faction began to fall into several parties
and opinions, which gave Sir Wm. Berkely’s party opportunity
by these divisions to surprise the Rebels in small Bodyes as
they sculked up and down the country.

      But the maine service that was done for the reducing the
Rebells to their obedience was done by the Seamen and com-

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