Bacon's Rebellion

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18             NARRATIVES OF THE INSURRECTIONS        [1675

the Doegs Son home with him, who lay Ten dayes in Bed, as
one Dead, with Eyes and Mouth Shutt, no Breath Discern'd,
but his body continuing Warm, they believ'd him yett alive;
Th' aforenamed Capt. Brent (a Papist) Coming thither on a
Visit, and seeing his little Prisoner thus languishing Said
"Perhaps he is pawewawd," i.e. Bewitch'd, and that he had
heard Baptism was an Effectuall Remedy against Witchcraft —
Wherefore Advis'd to Baptize him. Collo. Mason Answered,
No Minister cou'd be had in many Miles; Brent replied, "your
Clerk Mr. Dobson may do that Office," which was done by the
Church of England Liturgy; Collo. Mason with Capt. Brent
Godfather and Mrs. Mason Godmother, My Overseer Mr.
Pimet being present, from whom I first heard it, and which all
the other Persons (afterwards) affirm'd to me; The Four Men
return'd to drinking Punch, But Mrs. Mason Staying and
Looking on the Child, it open'd the Eyes, and Breath'd,
whereat she ran for a Cordial, which he took from a Spoon,
gaping for more and so (by degrees) recovered, tho' before his
Baptism, they had often tryed the same meanes but Coud
by no Endeavours Wrench open his Teeth.

      This was taken for a Convincing Proofe against Infidelity.

     But to return from this Digression, The Susquehannoughs
were newly driven from their Habitations, at the head of
Chesepiack Bay, by the Cineka1 Indians, down to the head
of Potomac, where they sought Protection under the Pas-
cataway Indians,2 who had a fort3 near the Head of that
River, and also were our Friends.

     After this unfortunate Exploit of Mason and Brent, one
or Two being kill'd in Stafford, Boats of War were Equipt to


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