Bacon's Rebellion

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20          NARRATIVES OF THE INSURRECTIONS            [1675

Bacon’s Overseer whom He much Loved, and One of his
Servants, whose Bloud Hee Vowed to Revenge if possible.

   In these frightfull times the most Exposed small families
withdrew into our houses of better Numbers, which we forti-
fied with Pallisadoes and redoubts, Neighbours in Bodies
Joined their Labours from each Plantation to others Alter-
nately, taking their Arms into the Fields, and Setting Centinels;
no Man Stirrd out of Door unarm’d, Indians were (ever and
anon) espied, Three, 4, 5, or 6 in a Party Lurking throughout
the Whole Land, yet (what was remarkable) I rarely heard of any Houses Burnt, tho’ abundance was forsaken, nor ever,
of any Corn or Tobacco cut up, or other Injury done, besides
Murders, Except the killing a very few Cattle and Swine.

    Frequent Complaints of Bloudsheds were sent to Sr. Wm. Berkeley (then Governour,)1 from the Heads of the Rivers,
which were as often Answered, with Promises of Assistance.

    These at the Heads of James and York Rivers (having now
most People destroyed by the Indians Flight thither from Po-
tomack) grew Impatient at the many Slaughters of their
Neighbours and rose for their own Defence, who Chusing Mr.
Bacon for their Leader Sent often times to the Governour,
humbly Beseeching a commission to go against those Indians
at their own Charge which his Honour as often promis’d but
did not send; The Misteryes of these Delays, were Wondred
at and which I ne’re heard any coud Penetrate into, other than
the Effects of his Passion, and a new (not to be mentioned)
occasion of Avarice, to both which, he was (by the common
Vogue) more than a little Addicted; Whatever were the Pop-
ular Surmizes and Murmurings vizt.

    “That no Bullets woud pierce Bever Skins.
    “Rebells forfeitures woud be Loyall Inheritances etc.”

     During these Protractions and People often Slaine, most or

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