Bacon's Rebellion

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1675]               THOMAS MATHEW’S NARRATIVE               21

all the Officers, Civill and Military, with as many Dwellers
next the Heads of the Rivers as made up 300 Men, taking Mr.
Bacon for their Commandr. met, and Concerted together, the
Danger of going without a Comissn on the one Part, and
the Continuall Murders of their Neighbours on th’ other
Part (not knowing whose or how many of their own turns
might be next) and Came to this Resolution vizt. To prepare
themselves with necessaries for a March, but interim to send
again for a Comission, which if could or could not be Obteyned
by a certaine day, they woud proceed Commission or no

    This day Lapsing and no Comn. come, They march’d into
the Wilderness in Quest of these Indians after whom the
Governour sent his Proclamacion, Denouncing all Rebells,1
who shoud not return within a Limited Day, Whereupon
those of Estates obey’d; But Mr. Bacon with 57 Men pro-
ceeded untill their Provisions were near Spent, without finding
Enemy’s, when coming nigh a Fort of Friend Indians, on th’
other Side a Branch of James River, they desired reliefe offer-
ing paymt. which these Indians kindly promised to help them
with on the Morrow, but put them off with promises untill
the Third day, So as having then Eaten their last Morsells
They could not return, but must have Starved in the Way
homeward and now ’twas Suspected, these Indians had re-
ceived private Messages from the Governour and those to be
the Causes of these Delusive procrastinations; Whereupon the
English Waded Shoulder deep thro’ that Branch to the Fort
Pallisado’s still intreating and tendering Pay, for Victuals;
But that Evening a Shot from the Place they left on th’ other
side of that Branch kill’d one of Mr. Bacons Men, which made
them believe, those in the Fort had sent for other Indians to
come behind ’em and Cut ’em off.

    Hereupon they fired the Palisado’s, Storm’d and burnt the
Fort and Cabins, and (with the Losse of Three English) Slew
150 Indians. The Circumstances of this expedicion Mr. Bacon
Entertain’d me with, at his own Chamber, on a Visit I made
him, the occasion whereof is hereafter mencioned.

     From hence they return’d home where Writts were come
up to Elect Members for an Assembly, When Mr. Bacon was

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