Bacon's Rebellion

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22            NARRATIVES OF THE INSURRECTIONS            [1676

unanimously Chosen for One, who coming down the River
was Commanded by a Ship with Guns to come on board,
where waited Major Hone the High Sheriff of James Town
ready to Seize him, by whom he was Carried down to the
Governour and by him receiv’d with a Suprizing Civillity in
the following Words “Mr. Bacon have you forgot to be a
Gentleman?” “No, May it please your Honour,” Answer’d
Mr. Bacon; “Then” replyed the Governour “I’le take your
Parol,” and Gave him his Liberty. in March 1675 – 6 Writts
came up to Stafford to Choose their Two Members for an As-
sembly to meet in May; when Collo. Mason, Capt. Brent and
other Gentlemen of that County, invited me to stand a Can-
didate; a Matter I little Dreamt of, having never had Incli-
nacions to tamper in the Precarious Intrigues of Governt; and
my hands being full of my own business; They press’t sev-
erall Cogent Argumts, and I having Considerable Debts in that
County, besides my Plantation Concerns, where (in one and
th’ other) I had much more severely Suffered than any of them-
selves by th’ Indian Disturbances in the Sumer and Winter
foregoing, I held it not (then) Discreet to Disoblige the Rulers
of it, so Coll: Mason with my Selfe were Elected without Ob-
jection, he at time Convenient went on horseback; I took my
sloop and the Morning I arriv’d at James town after a Weeks
voyage, was welcomed with the strange Acclamations of “All’s
over, Bacon is taken,” having not heard at home of these
southern comotions, other than rumours like idle tales, of one
Bacon risen up in rebellion, nobody knew for what, concern-
ing the Indians.1

    The next forenoon, th’ Assembly being met in a chamber
over the generall court and our Speaker chosen, the governour

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