Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]                THOMAS MATHEW’S NARRATIVE                23

sent for us down, where his honour with a pathetic Emphasis
made a Short abrupt Speech wherein were these Words.

     “If they had killed my Grandfather and Grandmother,
my father and Mother and all my friends, yet if they had
come to treat of Peace, they ought to have gone in Peace,”
and sat down.

    The two chief commanders at the forementioned siege, who Slew the Four Indian great men, being present and part of our Assembly.

    The Governour stood up againe and said “if there be joy
in the presence of the angels over one sinner that repenteth,
there is joy now, for we have a penitent sinner come before
us, call Mr. Bacon;” then did Mr. Bacon upon one Knee at
the Bar deliver a Sheet of paper Confessing his Crimes, and
begging Pardon of God the King and the Governour, Whereto
(after a short Pause) He Answered “God forgive you, I for-
give you,” thrice repeating the same Words; When Collo.
Cole1 (One of the Councill) said, “and all that were with
him,” “yea,” said the Governour “and all that were with
him,” Twenty or more Persons being then in Irons Who were
taken Coming down in the same and other Vessels with Mr.

   About a Minute after this the Governour, Starting up from
his Chair a Third time said, “Mr. Bacon! if you will live Civilly
but till next Quarter Court (doubling the Words) but till next
Quarter Court, Ile promise to restore you againe to your Place
There” pointing with his hand to Mr. Bacons Seat, he having
been of the Councill before these troubles, tho’ he had been a
very short time in Virginia but was Deposed by the foresaid
Proclamacion, and in th’ afternoon passing by the Court door,
in my Way up to our Chamber, I saw Mr. Bacon on his quon-
dam Seat with the Governour and Councill, which Seemed a
Marveilous Indulgence to one whom he had so lately Pro-
scribed as a Rebell.

     The Governour had Directed us to Consider of Meanes for
Security from th’ Indian Insults and to Defray the Charge
etc. Advising us to beware of Two Rogues amongst us, nam-

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