Bacon's Rebellion

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26              NARRATIVES OF THE INSURRECTIONS             [1676

Inches deep which made Strings resembling Twisted frenge
from the Shoulders to the feet; Thus with grave Courtlike
Gestures and a Majestick Air in her face, she Walk’d up our
Long Room to the Lower end of the Table, Where after a few Intreaties She Sat down; th’ Interpreter and her Son Stand-
ing by her on either side as they had Walked up, our Chairman
asked her what men she would Lend us for Guides in the
Wilderness and to assist us against our Enemy Indians, She
Spake to th’ Interpreter to inform her what the Chairman
Said, (tho’ we believed She understood him). He told us She
bid him ask her Son to whom the English tongue was familiar,
and who was reputed the Son of an English Colonel, yet neither
woud he Speak to or seem to understand the Chairman but th’ Interpreter told us, he referred all to his Mother, Who being
againe urged She after a little Musing with an earnest passion-
ate Countenance as if Tears were ready to Gush out and a
fervent sort of Expression made a Harangue about a quarter of
an hour, often interlacing (with a high shrill Voice and vehe-
ment passion) these Words, Tatapatamoi Chepiack, i. e. Tata-
pamoi dead. Coll: Hill1 being next me, Shook his head.  I
ask’d him What was the matter, he told me all she said was
too true to our Shame, and that his father was Generall in that
Battle, where diverse Years before Tatapatamoi her Husband
had Led a Hundred of his Indians in help to th’ English against
our former Enemy Indians, and was there Slaine with most of
his men; for which no Compensation (at all) had been to that
day Rendered to her wherewith she now upbraided us.

    Her Discourse ending and our Morose Chairman not ad-
vancing one cold word towards asswaging the Anger and
Grief her Speech and Demeanour Manifested under her op-
pression, nor taking any notice of all she had Said, Neither

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