Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]               THOMAS MATHEW’S NARRATIVE                   27

Considering that we (then) were in our great Exigency, Sup-
plicants to her for a favour of the same kind as the former,
for which we did not Deny the having been so Ingrate, He
rudely push’d againe the same Question “What Indians will
you now Contribute” etc? of this Disregard she Signified her
Resentment by a disdainfull aspect, and turning her head
half a side, Sate mute till that same Question being press’d,
a Third time, She not returning her face to the board, answered
with a low slighting Voice in her own Language “Six,” but
being further Importun’d She sitting a little while Sullen,
without uttering a Word between, Said “Twelve,” tho’ she
then had a hundred and fifty Indian men in her Town, and so
rose up and gravely Walked away, as not pleased with her

   Whilst some daies past in Setling the Quota’s of Men Arms
and Ammunicion Provisions etc. each County was to furnish,
On: Morning early a Bruit ran about the Town, “Bacon is fled,
Bacon is fled,” Whereupon I went Straight to Mr. Lawrence,
Who (formerly) was of Oxford University, and for Wit Learn-
ing and Sobriety was equall’d there by few, and Who some
Years before (as Col: Lee1 tho’ one of the Councill and a
friend of the Governours inform’d me) had been partially
treated at Law, for a Considerable Estate on behalfe of a
Corrupt favourite; which Lawrence Complaining loudly of,
the Governour bore him a Grudge and now Shaking his Head,
Said, “Old Treacherous Villain,” and that his House was
Searcht that Morning, at day break, but Bacon was Escaped
into the Country, having Intimation that the Governours Gen-
erosity in Pardoning him and his followers and restoring him
to his Seat in Councill, were no other than Previous Wheadles
to amuse him and his Adherents and to Circumvent them by
Stratagem, forasmuch as the taking Mr. Bacon again into the
Council was first to keep him out of the Assembly, and in the
next place the Governour knew the Country People were hast-
ning down with Dreadfull Threatnings to double Revenge all

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