Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]             THOMAS MATHEW’S NARRATIVE               31

ing-house, and pray’d me to Advise him what Persons in those
parts wcre most fit to bear Commands. I frankly Gave him
my Opinion that the most Satisfactory Gentlemen to Gover-
nour and People, woud be Commanders of the Militia, where-
with he was well pleased, and himself wrote a List of those I

    That Evening I made known what had past with Mr.
Bacon to my Colleague Coll: Mason (whose bottle attendance
doubled my Task). the matter he liked well, but questioned
the Governours approbacion of it.

    I Confess’d the Case required Sedate thoughts, reasoning,
that he and such like Gentlemen must either Command or be
Commanded, and if on their denials Mr. Bacon shoud take
distast, and be Constrained to Appoint Commanders out of
the Rabble, the Governour himself with the Persons and
Estates of all in the Land woud be at their Dispose, whereby
their own Ruine might be owing to themselves; In this he
agreed and said “If the Governour woud give his own Com-
mission he woud be Content to Serve under Generall Bacon,
(as now he began to be Intituled,) but first would Consult
other Gentlemen in the same Circumstances; who all Con-
cur’d ’twas the most safe barrier in view against pernicious
Designes, if such shoud be put in Practice; With this I ac-
quainted Mr. Laurence who went (rejoicing) to Mr. Bacon
with the good tidings, that the Militia Commanders were in-
clined to serve: under him, as their Generall, in Case the Gov-
ernour woud please to Give them his own Commissions.

    Wee of the House proceeded to finish the Bill for the War
which by the Assent of the Governour and Councill being past
into an Act the Governour sent us a Letter Directed to his
Majesty, wberein were these Words “I have above 30 Years
Governed the most flourishing Country the Sun ever Shone
over, but am now Encompassed with Rebellion like Waters in
every respect like to that of Massanello1 Except their Leader,”
and of like Import was the Substance of that Letter, But
We did not believe his Honour Sent us all he Wrote to his Majesty.

      Some judicious Gentlemen of our house likewise penn’d a

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