Bacon's Rebellion

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34           NARRATIVES OF THE INSURRECTIONS             [1676

Kindnesse to Stafford County, for beside the not being worthy,
I never had been Conversant in Military matters, and also
having lived tenderly, my Service cou’d be of no benefit be-
cause the hardships and fatigues of a Wilderness Campaigne
woud put a speedy Period to my daies, little Expecting to hear
of more Intestine Broiles, I went home to Patomack, where
Reports were afterwards various; We had Account that Gen-
erall Bacon was March’d with a Thousand Men into the Forest
to Seek the Enemy Indians, and in a few daies after our next
News was, that the Governour had Summoned together the
Militia of Glocester and Middlesex Counties to the Number
of Twelve Hundred Men, and proposed to them to follow and
Suppress that Rebell Bacon; whereupon arose a Murmuring
before his face “Bacon Bacon Bacon,” and all Walked out of
the field, Muttering as they went “Bacon Bacon Bacon,”
leaving the Governour and those that came with him to them-
selves, who being thus abandon’d Wafted over Chesepiacke
Bay 30 Miles to Accomack where are two Counties of Virginia.1
Mr. Bacon hearing of this Came back part of the Way, and
sent out Parties of Horse Patrolling through every County,
Carrying away Prisoners all whom be Distrusted might any
more molest his Indian Prosecucion, yet giving liberty to such
as Pledg’d him their Oaths to return home and live quiet; the
Copies or Contents of which Oaths I never Saw, but heard
were very Strict, tho’ little observed.

    About this time was a Spie Detected pretending himself a
Deserter who had twice or thrice Come 'and gone from Party
to Party and was by Councill of Warr sentenced to Death,
after which Bacon Declared openly to him, That if any one
Man in the Army wou’d Speak a Word to save him, he shou’d
not suffer, which no man appearing to do, he was Executed.
Upon this Manifestation of Clemency Bacon was applauded
for a Mercifuil Man, not willing to Spill Christian Bloud, nor
indeed was it said, that he put any other Man to Death in
Cold Bloud, or Plunder any house; Nigh the same time came
Majr. Langston with his Troop of horse and Quartered Two
Nights at my house who (after high Compliments from the

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