Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]              THOMAS MATHEW’S NARRATIVE               35

Generall) told me I was desired to Accept the Lieutenancy for
preserving the peace in the 5 Northern Counties betwixt Pato-
mack and Rappahanock Rivers. I humbly thank’d his Honour
Excusing my self; as I had done before on that Invitation of
the like Nature at James Town, but did hear he was mightily
offended at my Evasions and threatened to Remember me.

    The Governour made a 2d. Attempt comming over from
Accomack with what men he coud procure in Sloops and Boats,
forty Miles up the River to James Town, which Bacon hear-
ing of, Came againe down from his Forest Persuit, and finding
a Bank not a flight Shot long, Cast up thwart the Neck of the
Peninsula there in James Town,1 He Stormed it, and took the
Town, in which Attack were 12 Men Slaine and Wounded But
the Governour with most of his followers fled back, down the
River in their Vessells.

    Here resting a few daies they Concerted the Burning of the
Town, wherein Mr. Laurence and Mr. Drummond owning the
Two best houses save One, Set fire each to his own house,
which Example the Souldiers following Laid the whole Town
(with Church and Statehouse) in Ashes, Saying, The Rogues
shoud harbour no more there.

    On these reiterated Molestacions Bacon Calls a Conven-
tion at Midle Plantation2 15 miles from James Town in the
Month of August 1676, Where an Oath with one or more Proc-
lamations were formed, and Writts by him Issued for an As-
sembly; The Oaths or Writts I never Saw, but One Proc-
lamation Commanded all Men in the Land on Pain of Death
to Joine him, and retire into the Wildernesse upon Arivall of
the forces Expected from England, and oppose them untill they
shoud propose or accept to treat of an Accommodation, which
we who lived Comfortably coud not have undergone, so as the
whole Land must have become an Aceldama3 if Gods exceed-
ing Mercy had not timely removed him.

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