Bacon's Rebellion

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During these Tumults in Virginia a 2d Danger menaced
Maryland by an Insurrection in that Province, Complaining
of their heavy Taxes etc. Where 2 or 3 of the leading Male-
contents (Men otherwise of Laudable Characters) were put to
death which Stifled the father Spreading of that flame, Mr.
Bacon (at this time) press’t the best Ship in James River
Carrying 20 Guns and putting into her his Lieutenant-Generall
Mr. Bland1 (a Gentleman newly come thither from England
to possesse the Estate of his Deceased Uncle late of the Coun-
cil) and under him the forementioned Capt. Carver formerly
a Commander of merchants Ships with men and all necessaries,
he sent her to ride before Accomack to Curb and Intercept all
small Vessells of War Comission’d by the Governour Coming
often over and making Depredations on the Western Shoar,
as if we had been Forreign Enemies, which gives occasion in
this place to Digresse a few Words.

     Att first Assembly after the Peace came a Message to them
from the Governour for some Marks of Distinction to be set
on his Loyal friends of Accomack, Who received him in his
Adversity which when came to be considr’d Col: Warner2
(then Speaker) told the House “Ye know that what Mark of
Distinction his Honour coud have sett on those of Accomack
unlesse to give them Earmarks or Burnt Marks for Robbing
and Ravaging honest People, who Stay’d at home and Pre-
serv’d th’ Estates of those who ran away, when none intended
to hurt ’em.”

     Now returning to Capt. Carver the Governour sent for
him to come on Shoar, promising his peaceable return, Who
Answer’d, he could not trust his Word, but if he woud send his
hand and Seal, he wou’d adventure to Wait upon his Honour.
which was done, and Carver went in his Sloop well Armed and

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