Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]             THOMAS MATHEW’S NARRATIVE                 37

Man’d with the most trusty of his Men, where he was Caress’d,
with wine etc. and large promises, if he woud forsake Bacon,
resigne his Ship or joine with him; to all which he Answer’d
that If he served the Devill he woud be true to his Trust, but
that He was Resolved to go home and live quiet.

        In the time of this Recepcion and Parley, an Armed Boat
was prepared with many Oars in a Creek not far off, but out
of Sight, which when Carver Sail’d, Row’d out of the Creek,
and it being almost Calm the Boat outwent the Sloop whilst
all on board the Ship were upon the Deck, Staring at both,
thinking the Boats Company comming on board by Carvers
Invitation to be Civilly Entertained in requitall of the Kind-
ness they Supposed he had received on Shoar, untill Comming
under the Stern, those in the Boat Slipt Nimbly in at the Gun
Room Ports with Pistols etc. when one Couragious Gentleman
ran up to the Deck, and Clapt a Pistoll to Blands Breast, Say-
ing you are my Prisoner, the Boats Company Suddainly fol-
lowing with Pistolls Swords etc. and also Capt. Larimore (the
Commander of the Ship before she was prest) having from the
highest and hindmost Part of the Stern Interchang’d a Signal
from the Shoar, by flirting his handkercher about his Nose,
his own former Crew had laid handspikes ready, which they
(at that Instant) Caught up etc. So as Bland and Carvers Men
were Amazed and Yielded.

      Carver seeing a hurly Burly on the Ships Deck, woud have
gone away with his Sloop, but having little Wind and the Ship threatning to Sink him, he tamely Came on Board, where
Bland and he with their Party were Laid in Irons, and in 3 or
4 daies Carver was hang’d on Shoar, which Sr. Henry Chiche-
ley1 the first of the Councill then a Prisoner (with diverse
other Gentlemen) to Mr. Bacon, did afterwards Exclaime
against as a most Rash and Wicked Act of the Governour, He
(in particuler) expecting to have been treated by way of Re-
prizall, as Bacons friend Carver had been by the Governour.

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