Bacon's Rebellion

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40         NARRATIVES OF THE INSURRECTIONS          [1676

Command from his Majesty or Spontaneous I did not hear)
Leaving Col: Jefferyes in his Place, and by next Shipping Came
back a Person who waited on his Honour in his Voyage, and
untill his Death, from whom a report was Whisper’d about,
that the King did Say “That old fool has hang’d more men in
that naked Country, than he had done for the Murther of his
Father,” whereof the Governour hearing dyed soon after
without having seen his Majesty; Which shuts up this Tragedy.


      To avoid Incumbring the Body of the foregoing little dis-
course, I have not therein mentioned the received Opinion in
Virginia, which very much Attributed the promoting these
Perturbacions to Mr. Laurance, and Mr. Bacon with his other
Adherents were esteemed, as but Wheels agitated by the
Weight of his former and present Resentments, after their
Choler was raised up to a very high Pitch, at having been (so
long and often) trifled with on their humble Supplications to
the Governour for his immediate taking in hand the most
speedy meanes towards stopping the Continued Effusions of
so much English Bloud, from time to time by the Indians;
Which Common Sentiments I have the more reason to be-
lieve were not altogether groundlesse, because my self have
heard him (in his familiar discourse) Insinuate as if his fancy
gave him prospect of finding (at one time or other,) some
expedient not only to repaire his great Losse, but therewith to
See those abuses rectified that the Countrey was oppress’d
with through (as he said) the frowardness avarice and french
Despotick Methods of the Governour and likewise I know
him to be a thinking Man, and tho’ nicely honest, affable,
and without Blemish, in his Conversation and Dealings, yet
did he manifest abundance of uneasiness in the Sense of his
hard Usages, which might prompt him to Improve1 that In-
dian Quarrel to the Service of his Animosities, and for this the
more fair and frequent opportunities offered themselves to
him by his dwelling at James Town, where was the Concourse
from all Parts to the Governour and besides that he had Mar-
ried a Wealthy Widow who kept a large house of publick

     1Make use of.

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