Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]             THOMAS MATHEW’S NARRATIVE              41

Entertainment unto which resorted those of the best quality,
and such others as Businesse Called to that Town, and, his
Parts with his even Temper made his Converse Coveted by
Persons of all Ranks; So that being Subtile, and having these
advantages he might with lesse Difficulty discover mens In-
clinations, and Instill his Notions where he found those woud
be imbib’d with greatest Satisfaction.

       As for Mr. Bacon fame did lay to his Charge the having
run out his Patrimony in England Except what he brought to
Virginia and of that the most Part to be Exhausted, which
together made him Suspected of Casting an Eye to Search for
Retrievment in the troubled Waters of popular Discontents,
wanting Patience to wait the Death of his oppulent Cousin,
old Collo. Bacon, Whose Estate he Expected to Inherit.

But he was too young, too much a Stranger there, and of
a Disposition too precipitate, to Manage things to that length
those were Carried, had not thoughtfull Mr. Laurence been
at the Bottom.

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