Bacon's Rebellion

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52         NARRATIVES OF THE INSURRECTIONS         [1675

an undoeing to them allsoe, in there expectation of profitt to;
be raised from the worke. Here by the people quickly found
them selves in an errour, when that they apprehended what a
strong foundation the Forts were irected upon, honour and
proffitt, against which all there saping and mineing had no
power to over turne; they haveing no other ingredience to
makeing up there fire works with but prayers, and miss spent
teares and intreties; which haveing vented to no purpose, and
finding there condition every whit as bad, if not worse since,
as before, the forts were made, they resalved...... le patience
was set to worke.

       . . . . . . many to hope in the countin- . . . . . . of no long
being in the cou-. . . . .. state; and nerely related to one . . . . . .
gnity. A Man1 he was of larger . . . . . . hich rendred him in-
deared (if not . . . . . . not for any thing he had yet don, as the
cause of there affections, but what they expected he would
doe to disarve there devotion; while with no common zeale,
they send up there reitterated prayers, first to him self, and
next to Heaven, that he may becom there Gardian Angle, to
protect them from the cruilties of the Indians, against whom
this Gent:man had a perfict antipothey.

       It seemes, in the first rise of the War, this Gentlman had
made som overtures unto the Governour for a Commission, to
go and put a stop to the Indians proseedings. But the Gov-
ernour, at present, eather not willing to commence the quarill
(on his part) till more suteable reasons prisented, for to urge
his more severe prosecution of the same, against the heathen:
or that he douted Bacons temper, as he appear’d Populerly
inclin’d; A constetution not consistant with the times, and
the peoples dispossitions; being generally discontented, for
want of timely provissions against the Indians, or for Annuall
impositions lade upon them, too grate (as they saide) for them
to beare, and against which they had som considerable time
complained, without the least redress. For these, or som
other reasons, the Governour refused to comply with Bacon’s
proposalls. Which he lookeing upon as an undervalluing as
well to his parts, as a disperidgment to his pretentions, hee in
som elated and passionate expressions sware, Commission or
no Commission, the next man or woman that he heard of that

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