Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]         BACON’S AND INGRAM’S REBELLION          55

erall vicissetudes and changes he was subjected to in a very
few dayes. For in the morning, before his triall, he was, in
his Enimies hopes, and his Friends feares, judged for to re-
ceve the Gurdian due to a Rebell (and such hee was pro-
clamed to be) and ere night, crowned the Darling of the Peo-
ples hopes and desires, as the onely man fitt in Verginia, to
put a stop unto the bloody ressalutions of the Heathen: And
yet againe, as a fuller manifestation of Fortune’s inconstancye,
with in two or three days, the peoples hopes, and his desires,
were both frusterated by the Governours refuseing to signe the
promised Commission. At which being disgusted, though at
present he desembled. . . . . . so well as he could, (and tis sup-
posed that w. . . . . . he beggs leave of the Governour for to
be despence. . . . . . his servis at the Councell table, to vissit
his L. . . . . . he saide, had informed him, was indisposed,1 as
to her. . . . . . which request the Governour (after som con-
test with his owne thoughts) granted, contrary to the advise
of som about him, who suspected Bacons designes, and that it
was not so much his Lady’s sickness, as the distempers of a
troubled minde, that caused him to with draw to his owne
house, and that this was the truth, with in a few days was
manifested, when that he returned to Towne at the head of
500 Men in Arms.

      The Governour did not want intillegence of Bacons de-
signes, and therefore sent out his summons for Yorke Traine
Bands to reinforce his gards, then at Towne. But the time
was so short (not above 12 howers warning) and those that
appeared at the Randevouze made such a slender number,
that under 4 Insignes there was not mustered above 100
Soulders, and not one halfe of them sure neather, and all so
slugish in there march, that before they could reach towne,
by a grate deale, Bacon had enter’d the same, and by force
obtained a Commition, calculated to the hight of his owne
desires. With which Commission (such as it was) being in-
vested, hee makes redy his provissions, fills up his Companies
to the designed number (500 in all) and so applies him selfe to
those servises the Countrey expected from him. And, first,
for the secureing the same from the excursions of the Indians,

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