Bacon's Rebellion

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in his absence (and such might be expeeted) he commissionated severall persons (such as he could confide in) in every respec-
tive county, with select companies of well armed men, to range
the Forists, swomps, thickits, and all such suspected places
where the Indiands might have any shelter for the doeing of
mischeife. Which proseedings of his put so much curage into
the Planters, that they began to applye them selves to there
accustomed imployments in there plantations: which till now
they durst not do, for feare of being knock’d on the head, as,
God knowes, too many were, before these orders were ob-

      While the Generall (for so was Bacon now denominated by
vertue of his Commission) was sedulous in these affaires, and
fitting his provissions, about the head of Yorke River, in order
to his advance against the Indians,1 the Governour was steare-
ing quite contrary courses. He was once more perswaded
(but for what reasons not visible) to proclaime Bacon a Rebell
againe, And now since his absence afforded an advantage,
to raise the countrey upon him, so soone as he should returne
tired and exhausted by his toyle and labour in the Indian
war. For the puting this councell in execution, the Gover-
nour steps over into Gloster County, (a place the best replen-
ished for men, arms, and affections of any County in Verginia),
all which the Governour summons to give him a meeteing at a
place and day assigned, where being met, according to the
summons, the Governours proposalls was so much disrellished,
by the wholl convention, that they all disbanded to there
owne aboades, after there promise past to stand by, and as-
sist the Governoure, against all those who should go about to
rong, eather his parson,2 or debase his Authority; unto which
promise they annext, or subjoyned severall reasons why they
thought it not, at present, convenient to declare them selves
against Bacon, as he was now advanceing against the common
enimy, who had in a most barberous maner murthered som hundreds of our deare Breatheren and Countrey Men, and
would, if not prevented by God, and the endeviours of good

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