Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]         BACON’S AND INGRAM’S REBELLION         63

signes; he knew well enough how to make his advantages out
of this, as well as he did out of the Gloster buisness, before
mentioned, by frameing and stomping out to the peoples ap-
prehentions what commentaries, or interpretations, he pleased,
upon the least oversight by the Governour commited; which
hee managed with so much cuning and subtillety, that the
peoples minds became quickly flexable, and apt to receve any
impression, or simillitude, that his Arguments should represent
to there ill disarneing judgments; in so much that the Oath
became now more smooth, and glib, to be swollowed, even by
those who had the gratest repugnancy against it; so that there
was no more descorses used neather for restrictions nor in-
largements; onely this salvo was granted, unto those who
would clame the benifit of it (and som did soe) yet not exprest
in the writen copey (viz.) That if there was any thing in
the same of such dangerous consequence that might tant the
subscribers Alegence, that then they should stand absalved
from all and every part of the sd oath; unto which the Gen-
erall gave his consent (and certainely he had too much cuning
to denye, or gaine say it) saying God forbid that it should
be other ways ment, or intended; adding that himselfe (and
Armye by his command) had som few days before taken the
Oath of Alegience, therefore it could not Rationally be im-
magined that eather him selfe, or them, would goe about to
act, or do, any thing contrary to the meaneing of the same.

      Bad Ware requires a darke store, while Sleeke and Pounce
inveagles the Chapmans judgment. Though the first sub-
s cribers were indulged the liberty of entering there exceptions,
against the strict letter of the oath, yet others who were to
take the same before the respective justices of peace in their
severall juridictions, were not to have the same lattitude.
For the power of affording cautions and exceptions was solely
in the imposer, not in those who should here after administer
the oath, whereby the aftertakers were obliged to swollow the
same (though it might haserd there choakeing) as it stood in
the very letter thereoff. Neather can I apprehend what beni-
fit could posible accrew more unto those who were indulged
the fore sd previllidg, then to those who were debard the same;
since both subscribed the ingagement as it stood in the letter,
not as it was in the meaneing of the subscriber. It is trew,

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