Bacon's Rebellion

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be fore mention’d, deposed before Capt. Thorp one of the
Just-asses of the peace, for York County, after that one
Collonell Scarsbrooke1 had more prudently declined the ad-
miting these two scoundrills to the test. Whether these Fel-
lows were in the right, or in the rong, as to what they had
narated, I know not, but this is certaine, whether the same
was trew, or false, it produced the efects of truth in peoples
mindes; who hereby became so much destracted in there
ressalutions, that they could not tell, at present, which way
to turn them selves; while there tongues expresed no other
language but what sounded forth feares, wishes, and execra-
tions, as their apprehentions, or affections, dictated: All looke-
ing upon them selves as a people utterly undon, being equally
exposed to the Governours displeasure, and the Indians bloody
cruillties; Som cursing the cause of there approcheing destruc-
tion, lookeing upo the Oath to be no small ingredient, help-
ing to fill up the measure of there Miserys: Others wishing
the Generalls presence, as there onely Rock of safety, while
other look’d upon him as the onely quick sands ordained to
swollow up and sinke the ship that should set them on shore,
or keep them from drownding in the whirle poole of confu-

      In the midest of these feares and perturbations, the Gover-
nour arives with his Fleet of 5 ships and 10 sloopes, all well
man’d (or appear’d to be soe) before the Towne; into which
the Governour sends his summons (it being possest by 7 or
800 Baconians) for a Rendition; with a free and ample pardon
to all that would decline Bacons intress, and owne his, except-
ing one Mr. Drummond and one Mr. Larance a Collonell, and
both active promoters of Bacons designes: Which is a most
apparent argument, that what those two men (before men-
tioned) had sworn to, was a mere pack of untruths. This his
Honours Proclamation was acceptable to most in Towne;
while others againe would not trust to it, feareing to meet
with som after-claps of revenge: Which diverseity of opinions
put them all into a ressalution of diserting the place, as not
Tenable (but indeed had it bin fortifyed, yet they had no
Commission to fight) while they had the liberty of so doeing,

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