Bacon's Rebellion

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72           NARRATIVES OF THE INSURRECTIONS           [1676

County: takeing up his head quarters at Collonell Warners, 1
from whence hee sends out his Mandates, through the wholl
County, to give him a Meeting at the Court howse; there to
take the ingagement, that was first promoted at the Midle
Plantation: for as yet, in this County, it was not admited.
While he was seduliously contriveing this affaire, one Capt.
Potter arives in post haste from Rapahanock, with news that
Coll: Brent was advanceing fast upon him (with a resalution
to fight him) at the head of a 1000 men, what horss what foote,
if hee durst stay the commencement. Hee had no sooner red
the Letter, but hee commands the Drums to beate, for the
gathering his soulders under there Collours; which being don
hee aquaints them with Brents numbers and resalutions to
fight, and then demands theres; which was cherefully answered
in the affirmetive, with showtes and acclemations, while the
Drums thunders a March to meet the promised conflict. The
Soulders with abundance of cherefullness disburthening them
selves of all impediments to expedition, order, and good de-
cipling, excepting there Oathes, and Wenches: the first whereof
they retain’d in imitation of there Commanders; the other out
of pitty to the poore whores; who seeing so many Men going
to kill one another, began to feare that if they staide behinde,
for want of doing they might be undon (there being but a few
left at hom, excepting ould men, to sett them on worke,) and
so chose rather to dye amongst the soulders, then to be kep
from there labour, and so dye for want of exercize. Besides
they knew if fortune cast them into there enimys hands, they
had nothing to be plundred of but there honisty; and that,
as too grate a burthen, and not fitt to be worn in a Camp,
they had left at hom, thereby to be found the more light, and
fit for the servis they were destinated to. And then againe
they had heard a pritty good carrecter of Brent, and they
could not tell but that all or most of his Men might be as
good as him selfe; so that let the world go which way it
would (Stand still with Ptollomye, or turne rownd like a

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