Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]           BACON’S AND INGRAM’S REBELLION          73

whorlegigg with Copernicus) they were likely to com of with
a saveing cast, they being onely to change there Masters, not
the trade they were bound prentis to.

      Bacon had not marched above 2 or 3 days jurney (and
those but short ones too, as being loth to tire his Laberours
before they came to there worke) but he meets news in post
hast, that Brents Men (not soulders) were all run away, and
left him to shift for him selfe. For they haveing heard that
Bacon had beate the Governour out o’th Towne they began
to be afeard (if they should com with in his reach) that he
might beat them out of there lives, and so resolved not to
come nere him. Collonell Brent was mightily astonish’d at
the departure of his followers, saying that they had forsaken
the stowtest man, and ruing’d the fairest estate in Verginia;
which was by there cowerdize, or disaffections, expos’d to the
mercy of the Baconians. But they being (as they thought) more obliged to looke after their owne concernes and lives,
then to take notis, eather of his vallour, or estate, or of there
owne Credits, were not to be rought upon by any thing that
he could do, or say, contrary to there owne fancies.

      This buisness of Brents haveing (like the hoggs the devill
sheard) produced more noyse then wooll, Bacon, according to
the Summons, meets the Gloster men at the Court howse:
where appeard som 6 or 7 hundred horss and foot, with there
Arms. After that Bacon, in a long Harage, had tendred them
the ingagement (which as yet they had not taken, and now
was the onely cause of this Convention) one Mr. Cole offered
the sence of all the Gloster men, there present: which was
sum’d up in there desires, not to have the oath imposed upon
them, but to be indulged the benifitt of Neutralitie: But this
he would not grant, telling off them, that in this there request
they appear’d like the worst of sinners, who had a desire to be
saved with the righteous, and yet would do nothing whereby
they might obtaine there salvation; and so offering to go away,
one Coll: Gouge (of his party) calls to him and tould him, that
he had onely spoke to the Horss (meaneing the Troopers)
and not to the foote. Bacon, in som passion, replide, he had
spoke to the Men, and not to the Horss; haveing left that servis
for him to do, because one beast best would understand the
meaneing of another. And because a minister, one Mr.

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