Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]           BACON’S AND INGRAM’S REBELLION           75

of the above mentioned Minester, for the well makeing his
Artickles of Rendition. The onely Religious duty (as they
say) he was observ’d to perform dureing these Intregues of
affaires, in which he was so considerable an actor, and soe
much consearn’d, that rather then he would decline the cause,
he became so deeply ingaged in, in the first rise there of, though
much urged by arguments of dehortations, by his nearest Re-
lations and best friends, that he subjected him selfe to all those
inconvenences that, singly, might bring a Man of a more
Robust frame to his last hom. After he was dead he was
bemoned in these following lines (drawne by the Man that
waited upon his person, as it is said) and who attended his
Corps to there Buriall place: But where depossited till the
Generall day, not knowne, onely to those who are ressalutly
silent in that particuler. There was many coppes of Verces
made after his departure, calculated to the Lattitude of there
affections who composed them; as a relish taken from both
appetites I have here sent you a cuple.

Bacons Epitaph, made by his Man.

     Death why soe crewill! what, no other way
To manifest thy splleene, but thus to slay
Our hopes of safety; liberty, our all
Which, through thy tyrany, with him must fall
To its late Caoss? Had thy riged force
Bin delt by retale, and not thus in gross
Griefe had bin silent: Now wee must complaine
Since thou, in him, hast more then thousand slane
Whose lives and safetys did so much depend
On him there lif, with him there lives must end.

      If’t be a sin to thinke Death brib’d can bee
Wee must be guilty; say twas bribery
Guided the fatall shaft. Verginias foes,
To whom for secrit crimes just vengance owes
Disarved plagues, dreding their just disart
Corrupted Death by Parasscellcian1 art
Him to destroy; whose well tride curage such,
There heartless harts, nor arms, nor strength could touch.

     Who now must heale those wounds, or stop that blood

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