Bacon's Rebellion

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76          NARRATIVES OF THE INSURRECTIONS           [1676

The Heathen made, and drew into a flood?
Who i’st must pleade our Cause? nor Trump nor Drum
Nor Deputations; these alass are dumb,
And Cannot speake. Our Arms (though nere so strong)
Will want the aide of his Commanding tongue,
Which Conquer’d more than Ceaser: He orethrew
Onely the outward frame; this Could subdue
The ruged workes of nature. Soules repleate
With dull Child could1, he’d annemate with heate
Drawne forth of reasons Lymbick. In a word
Marss and Minerva both in him Concurd
For arts, for arms, whose pen and sword alike,
As Catos did, may admireation strike
In to his foes; while they confess withall
It was there guilt stil’d him a Criminall.
Onely this diBerance doth from truth proceed:
They in the guilt, he in the name must bleed,
While none shall dare his Obseques to sing
In disarv’d measures, untill time shall bring
Truth Crown’d with freedom, and from danger free,
To sound his praises to posterity.

     Here let him rest; while wee this truth report,
Hee’s gon from hence unto a higher Court
To pleade his Cause: where he by this doth know
Whether to Ceaser hee was friend, or foe.

Upon the Death of G: B.

Whether to Ceaser he was Friend or Foe?
Pox take such Ignorance, do you not know?
Can he be Friend to Ceaser, that shall bring
The Arms of Hell, to Rght againt the King?
(Treason, Rebellion) then what reason have
Wee for to waite upon him to his Grave,
There to express our passions? Wilt not bee
Worss then his Crimes, to sing his Ellegie
In well tun’d numbers; where each Ella beares
(To his Flagitious name) a flood of teares?
A name that hath more soules with sorow fed,
Then reched2 Niobe single teares ere shed;
A name that fil’d all hearts, all eares, with paine,
Untill blest fate proclamed, Death had him slane.

     1Chilled cold. In the next line, Lymbick for alembic.


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