Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]           BACON’S AND INGRAM’S REBELLION           77

Then how can it be counted for a sin
Though Death (nay though my selfe) had bribed bin,
To guide the fatall shaft? we honour all
That lends a hand unto a T[r]ators fall.
What though the well paide Rochit soundly ply
And box the Pulpitt in to flatterey;
Urging his Rethorick, and straind elloquence,
T’ adorne incoffin’d filth and excrements;
Though the Defunct (like ours) nere tride
A well intended deed untill he dide?
’Twill be nor sin, nor shame, for us, to say
A two fould Passion checker-workes this day
Of Joy and Sorow; yet the last doth move
On feete impotent, wanting strength to prove
(Nor can the art of Logick yeild releife)
How Joy should be surmounted, by our greife.
Yet that wee Grieve it cannot be denide,
But ’tis because he was, not cause he dide.
So wep the poore destresed Ilyum Dames1
Hereing those nam’d, there Citty put in flames,
And Country ruing’d; If wee thus lament
It is against our present Joyes consent.
For if the rule, in Phisick, trew doth prove,
Remove the cause, th’ effects will after move,
We have outliv’d our sorows, since we see
The Causes shifting, of our miserey.

      Nor is’t a single cause, that’s slipt away,
That made us warble out a well-a-day.
The Braines to plot, the hands to execute
Projected ills, Death Joyntly did nonsute
At his black Bar. And what no Baile could save
He hath commited Prissoner to the Grave;
From whence there’s no repreive. Death keep him close
We have too many Divells still goe loose.

Ingrams Proceedings.

     The Lion had no sooner made his exitt, but the Ape (by
indubitable right) steps upon the stage. Bacon was no sooner
removed by the hand of good providence, but another steps
in, by the wheele of fickle fortune. The Countrey had, for
som time, bin guided by a company of knaves, now it was to

      1Dames of Ilium (Troy).

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