Bacon's Rebellion

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party, who kep garde at the Howse where Coll: Reade1 did
once live. It is saide that Hansford at (or a litle before) the
onslaut, had forsaken the Capitole of Marss, to pay his obla-
tions in the Temple of Venus; which made him the easiere
preay to his enimies; but this I have onely upon report, and
must not aver it upon my historicall reputation: But if it
was soe, it was the last Sacryfize he ever after ofred at the
Shrine of that Luxurious Diety, for presently after that he
came to Accomack, he had the ill luck to be the first Verginian
borne that dyed upon a paire of Gallows. When that he came
to the place of Execution (which was about a Mile removed from his prisson) he seemed very well resalved to undergo the
utmost mallize of his not over kinde Destinie, onely Com-
plaineing of the maner of his death: Being observed neather
at the time of his tryall (which was by a Court Martiall) nor
afterwards, to suplicate any other faviour, then that he might
be shot like a Soulder, and not to be hang’d like a Dog. But
it was tould him, that what he so passionately petitioned for
could not be granted, in that he was not condem’d as he was
merely a Soulder, but as a Rebell, taken in Arms against the
King, whose Laws had ordaind him that death. Dureing the
s hort time he had to live, after his sentance, he approved to
his best advantage for the well fare of his soule, by repentance
and contrition for all his Sinns, in generall, excepting his Re-
belellion, which he would not acknowledg; desireing the Peo-
ple, at the place of execution, to take notis that he dyed a
Loyall Subject, and a lover of his Countrey; and that he had
never taken up arms, but for the destruction of the Indians,
who had murthered so many Christians.

      The buisness being so well accompish’d, by those who had
taken Hansford, did so raise there Spirits, that they had no
sooner deliver’d there Fraight at Accomack, but they hoyse
up there sailes, and back againe to Yorke River, where with
a Marvellous celerity they surprise one Major Cheise-Man2
and som others, amongst whom one Capt. Wilford, who (it
is saide) in the bickering lost one of his eyes, which he seem’d
litle concern’d at, as knowing, that when he came to Accomack,

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