Bacon's Rebellion

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16?6]           BACON’S AND INGRAM’S REBELLION           83

This man was much pittied by those who were aquainted with
him, as one of a peaceable dispossition, and a good scholer,
which one might thinke should have inabled him to have
taken a better estimate of his imployment, as he was ac-
quainted with the Mathamaticks: But it seems the Asstrolabe,
or Quadrant, are not the fitest instruments to take the altitude
of a Subjects duty; the same being better demonstrated by
practicall, not Speculative observations.

      The nimble and timely servis performed by Major Beverly
(before mentioned) haveing opened the way, in som measure,
the Governour once more sallyeth out for the Westerne Shore,
there to make triall of his better fortune; which now began to
cast a more favourable Aspect upon him and his affaires, by
removeing the maine obstickles out of the way, by a Death,
eather Natureall, or violent, (the one the ordnary, the other the
exstreordnary workings of providence) which had with such
pertinances, and violent perstringes, aposed his most Auspi-
cious proceedings. The last time he came, he made choyce of
James River; now he was resalved to set up his Rest in Yorke,
as havein the nearest Vicinety to Gloster County (the River1
onely enterposeing betwene it and Yorke) in which, though
the Enimy was the strongest (as desireing to make it the Seate
of the Warr, in regard of severall locall covenencies) yet in it
he knew that his friends was not the weakest, whether wee
respect number, or furniture. It is trew they had taken the
ingagement (as the rest had) to Bacon; but hee being dead,
and the ingagement being onely personall, was lade in the
Grave with him; for it was not made to him selfe, his heires,
Executors, administrater, and Assignes; if other ways, it
might have bin indued with a kinde of immortallety; unless
the Sword, or juster (or grater) power might hapen to wound
it to death. But how ever, Bacon being Dead, and with him
his Commission, all those, who had taken the ingagement,
were now at liberty to go and chuse them selves another Master.

      But though his honour knew that though they were dis-
charged from the bindeing power of the oath, yet they were
not free from the Commanding power of those Men that was
still in Arms, in persuance of those ends for which the ingage-

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