Bacon's Rebellion

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same. And first At Wests Point (an Isthmos which gives the
Denomination to the two Rivers, Pomunkey and Mattapony
(Indian Names) that branch forth of York River, Som 30
Miles above Tindells point) there was planted a garde of about
200 Soulders. This place Bacon had designed to make his
prime Randevouze, or place of Retreat, in respect of severall
locall Convenencis this place admited off, and which hee
found fitt for his purpose, for sundry reasons. Here it was, I
thinke, that Ingram did cheifely reside, and from whence he
drew his recruts, of Men and Munition. The next Parcell,
considerable, was at Green-spring (the Governours howse) into
which was put about 100 Men, and Boys, under the Com-
mand of on Capt. Drew; who was ressalutely bent (as he sade)
to keep the place in spite of all oppossition, and that he might
the better keepe his promise he caused all the Avenues and approaches to the same to be Baracado’d up, and 3 grate Guns
planted to beate of the Assalents. A third parcell (of about
30 or 40) was put in to the Howse of Collonell Nath: Bacons
(a Gent:Man related to him deceased, but not of his prin-
ciples) under the Command of one Major Whaly, a stout
ignorant Fellow (as most of the rest) as may be seene here
after; these were the most considerablest parteys that the
Gloster Men were to deale with, and which they had promised
to reduce to obediance, or other ways to beate them out of
there lives, as som of them (perhaps not well aquainted with
Millitary affairs, or too well conseated of there owne vallour)
bosted to doe.

      The Parson that, by Commission, was to perform this worke,
was one Major Lawrence Smith (and for this servis so intitled,
as it is saide) a Gent: Man that in his time had hued out
many a knotty peice of worke, and soe the better knew how
to handle such ruged fellowes as the Baconians were famed to

      The place for him to Congregate his men at (I say Con-
gregate, as a word not improper, since his second in dignity
was a Minester, who had lade downe the Miter and taken up
the Helmett) was at one Major Pates (in whose Howse Bacon
had surrendred up both Life and Commission; the one to
him that gave it, the other to him that tooke it) where there
apeared men ennough to have beaten all the Rebells in the

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