Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]          BACON’S AND INGRAM’S REBELLION          87

Countrey, onely with there Axes and Hoes, had they bin led
on by a good overseer.

      I have eather heard, or have read, That a Compleate Gen-
erall ought to be owner of these 3 induments: Wisdom to
foresee, Experience to chuse, and Curage to execute. He that
wants the 2 last, can never have the first; since a wise Man
will never undertake more then he is able to perform; He that
hath the 2 first, wanting the last, makes but a lame Com-
mander; sinee Curage is an inseperable Adjunct to the bare
name of a Soulder, much more to a Generall: He that wants
the second, haveing the first and the last, is no less imperfict
then the other; since without experience, wisdom and curage
(like yong Docters) do but grope in the darke, or strike by

      Much about the time that the Gloster Men Mustred at
M. Pates, there was a riseing in Midlesex, upon the same
acount: Who were no sooner gott upon ther feet, but the
Baconians resalves to bring them on there knees. For the
efecting of which Ingram speeds away one Walklett, his Leift.
Generall, (a Man much like the Master) with a party of Horss,
to do the worke. M. L. Smith was quickly inform’d upon
what arend1 Walklett was sent, and so, with a Generous res-
salution, resalves to be at his heeles, if not before hand with
him, to helpe his friends in there destress. And because he
would not all together trust to others, in affaires of this nature,
he advanceth at the head of his owne Troops, (what Horss
what Foote for number, is not in my intillegence) leaveing
the rest for to fortify Major Pates howse, and so speeds after
Walklet who, before Smith could reach the required distance,
had performed his Worke, with litle labour, and (hereing of
Smiths advance) was prepareing to give him a Reception an-
swerable to his designements: Swareing to fight him though
Smith should out number him Cent per cent; and was not this
a dareing ressalution of a Boy that hardly ever saw Sword,
but in a Scaberd?

      In the meane time that this buisnes was a doeing, Ingram, understanding upon what designe M. L. Smith was gon about,
by the advice of his officers strikes in betwene him and his new
made (and new mand) Garisson at M. Pates. He very nimbly


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