Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]        BACON’S AND INGRAM’S REBELLION         89

Challenge) was as redely accepted by Ingram, as proffer’d by
Bristow; Ingram Swareing the newest Oath in fashion, that
he would be the Man; and so advanceth on foot, with sword
and Pistell, against Bristow; but was fetch’d back by his owne
men, as douteing the justness of there cause, or in Considera-
tion of the desparety that was betwene the two Antagonist.
For though it might be granted, that in a private Condition
Bristow was the better man, yet now it was not to be alowed,
as Ingram was intitled.

      This buisness not fadging, betwene the two Champions,
the Gloster men began to entertaine strange and new Ressalu-
tions, quite Retrogade to there pretentions, and what was by
all good men expected from the promiseing asspects of this
there Leagueing against a usurping power. It is saide that a
good Cause and a good Deputation is a lawfull Authorety for any Man to fight by; yet neather of these, joyntly nor Sever-
ally, hath a Coercive power, to make a Man a good Soulder:
If he wants Courage, though he is inlisted under both, yet is
he not starling quoyne.1 he is at best but Coper, stompt with
the Kings impress, and will pass for no more then his just
vallew. As to a good Cause, doutless they had Satisfied them-
selves as to that, ells what were they at this time a Contend-
ing for, and for whom? And as for a good Deputation, if
they wanted that, where fore did they so miserably befoole
them selves, as to run in to the mouths of there enimies, and
there to stand still like a Company of Sheep, with the knife
at there throtes, and never so much as offer to Bleat, for the
saving of there lives, liberties, Estates, and what to truly val-
lient men is of grater vallew then these, there Creditts? all which now lay at the Mercy of there enimies, by a tame sur-
render of there Arms and Parsons in to the hands of Ingram
(with out Strikeing one Stroke) who haveing made all the
cheife Men prissoners (excepting those who first run away)
he dismist the rest to there owne abodes, there to Sum up the
number of those that were eather slane or wounded in this Servis.

     Much about this time of the Gloster buisness, his honour
sends abrode a party of Men, from off aboarde, under the
Command of one Hubert Farrill, to feritt out a Company of

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