Bacon's Rebellion

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the Rebells, who kep Gard at Coll. Bacons, under the power
of Major Whaly, before mentioned. Coll. Bacon himselfe,
and one Coll: Ludwell, came along with Farrill, to see to the
Management of the enterprise; about which they tooke all
posible care, that it might prove fortunate. For they had no
sooner resolved upon the onsett, but they consult on the Maner,
which was to be effected by a Generossety paralell with the
designe; which required Curage, and expedition: and so con-
cludes not to answer the Centreys by fireing, but to take,
kill, or drive them up to there Avenues, and then to enter
pell mell with them in to the howse: this Method was good
had it bin as well executed as Contrived. But the Centrey
h ad no sooner made the Challinge, with his mouth, demanding
who Coms there? but the other answer with there Musquits (which seldom Speakes the language of friends) and that in
soe loud a Maner, that it alarum’d those in the howse to a
defence, and then into a posture to salley out. Which the
other perceveing (contrary to there first orders) wheeles of
from the danger, to find a place for there securytie, which they in part found behinde som out buildings, and from whence
they fired one upon the other, giveing the Bullits leave to grope
there owne way in the dark (for as yet it was not day) till the
Generall was shot through his loynes; and, in his fate all the
soulders (or the grater part) through there hearts, Now sunke
in to there heels which they were now makeing use of instead
of there hands, the better to save there jackits, of which they
had bin Certainely Stript, had they Com under there enimies
fingers, who knowes better how to Steale then fight, not with-
standing this uneven Cast of Fortunes Mallize, Being a Con-
flict, in which the losers have cause to repent, and the winers
Faith to give God thanks; unless with the same devotion
Theives do when that they have stript honist Men out of there
Mony. Here was none but there Generall kild, whose Com-
mission was found droping-wett with his owne blood, in his
pockitt; and 3 or 4 taken prisoners; what wounded not knowne,
if any; in there backs, as there enimies say, who glory’d more
in there Conquest then ever Scanderbeg1 did for the gratest
victory he ever obtained against the Turkes. If Sir Williams
Cause were no better then his fortunes, hither to, how many

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