Bacon's Rebellion

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both these he was now to deale, yet he was to observe the sev-
erall tempers of those he was to worke upon.

      What number of Soulders was, at this time, in Garrisson
at West Point, I am not Certane: It is saide about 250, sum’d
up in freemen, searvants and slaves; these three ingredience
being the Compossition of Bacons Army, ever since that the
Governour left Towne. These was informed (to prepare the
way) two or three days before that Grantham came to them,
that there was a treaty on foote betwene there Generall and
the Governour; and that Grantham did manely promote the
same, as he was a parson that favoured the cause, that they
were contending for.

      When that Grantham arived amongst these fine fellowes,
he was receved with more then an ordnary respect; which he
haveing repade with a suteable deportment, he aquaints them
with his Commission, which was to tell them, that there was a
peace Concluded betwene the Governour and there Generall;
and since him self had (in som measures) used his indeviours,
to bring the same to pass, hee beg’d of the Governour, that he
might have the honour to com and aquaint them with the
terms; which he saide was such, that they had all cause to
rejoyee at, then any ways to thinke hardly of the same; there
being a Compleate satisfaction to be given (by the Articles of
agreement) according to every ones particuler intress; which
he sum’d up under these heads. And first, those that were
now in Arms (and free Men) under the Generall, were still to
be retained in Arms, if they so pleased, against the Indians.
Secondly, And for those who had a desire for to return hom, to
there owne abodes, care was taken for to have them satis-
fide, for the time they had bin out, according to the alowance
made the last Assembley. And lastly, those that were sar-
vants in Arms, and behaved them selves well in there imploy-
ment, should emediately receve discharges from there Inden-
tures, signed by the Governour, or Sequetary of State; and
there Masters to receve from the publick a valluable Satisfac-
tion, for every Sarvant so set free (Marke the words) propor-
tionally to the time that they have to serve.

      Upon these terms, the Soulders forsake West-Point, and
goe with Grantham to kiss the Governours hands (still at
Tindells point) and to receve the benifitt of the Articles men-

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