Bacon's Rebellion

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1676]          BACON’S AND INGRAM’S REBELLION          97

     Whaly was quickly won to obay the commands of his Mas-
ters, especially such in whose servis he might expect to receve
good Wages: forthwith drawing ou[t] his Men, amongst whom
was Som Boys, all laden with the goods and last remanes of
Coll. Bacons Estate, an[d] with all posible Speed (after a March
of 30 Miles,) joyne[d] with Larance; where they Mustred in
all (besides Co[n]cubines and Whores, Whaley haveing added
his to the r[est]) about 300 Men and Boys. With which num-
ber, being [too] weake for to desend downe in to the heart of
the Coun[trey,] (now clear’d of the Baconians, or possest by
the other [par]ty) they march up higher in to New Kent, as
far [as] Coll: Gouges, thinking (like the snow ball) to incr[ease
by] there rouleing. But finding that in stead of increas[ing]
there number decreast, and that the Moone of there fortune
was now past the full, they broke up how[se-]keeping, every
one shifting for him selfe, as his ta[ste?] or feares directed;
Whaly and Larance makein[g a] cleare escape; but which way,
or to what place, not knowne. Coll. Gouge and the rest went
to there own[e?] Howses, from whence they were brought upon
there [tri]all, aborde a Ship, at Tindells point; and from thence
([all] that were condem[ned]) sent to the place of Execution.
[A]mongst which (of those that Suffer’d) were one Mr. H[all]
Clarke of New Kent Court, a parson of Neate Ingenuo[us]
parts, but adicted to a more then ordnary prying in[to] the
Secrits of State affaires, which som yeares las[t pa]st wrought
him in to the Governours [dis]pleasure. A[nd] which (tis
posible) at this time was [not] forgott, [but] was lade to his
charge upon his tria[11(] which w[as by] a Court Martiall) to
me is not visa[ble]. He nev[er hav]ing appear’d as a Soulder
publickly, [yet] was co[ndemn’d] to be hang’d with 3 others
by Coll: [Bacons?]s howse, [viz.] Major Page, (once My Sar-
vant, at his [fir]st coming [into] the Countrey), Capt. Yong,
and one [Harris] . . . . .. rtiall to Bacons Army.

      This execution being over, the Govern[our] began to be
wery of the Water: and findeing that he be[g]an to gether
Strength, resalves to go a shore. There w[as] Considerable
Cordialls administred to him, in litle more then a weekes [ti]me,
which he found had don him a grate deale of [g]ood; the Sur-
render of Wests point, Green spring, and [t]he death of the
fore Mentioned Men. The place where [he] went on Shore,

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