In Memory of Andrew Hunter

Andrew passed away at the end of 2007, a victim of liver cancer. We will keep this page up to remember the beautiful wampum jewelry he helped to pioneer. His life exemplified his dedication to his craft and to his family. He will be missed.


The Story of Wampum

Wampum is made from the Quohog clam shell. It was used by East Coast Native Americans for ceremonies, adornment and as a medium of exchange. The deep purple section of the shell is know as "Sacki" and has double the value of the "Wompi" (the white section).           

Wampum became known as the Native's badge of wealth and position. It is most noted for its role in the historic "Treaty Belts" of the Iroquois which tell of tribal history and agreements with the United States. If one carried wampum, it was believed to be one's passport to the Spirit World.     

Meherrin jewelry maker, Andrew Hunter, by adapting the techniques of turquoise jewelry to wampum, has revitalized a precious element of eastern Woodland culture. The Meherrin still reside in North Carolina, near the route of the historic Great Trading Path.

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